Work Parties

What Happens at Work Parties?

By joining the Association you also become part of a unique legacy. One which can only be maintained by people coming together, having fun, and improving the site. Everyone gets involved with developing the site or supporting the Association. This is the only way we can keep mooring and other costs as low as possible.

What types of work get done?

There’s a range of things that happen at work parties, including:

  • Mowing and strimming
  • Laying block pavers and concrete
  • Repairing fences and maintaining the car park
  • Preparing for social events
  • Creating allotments and garden spaces
  • Improving the clubhouse
  • Checking the moorings are in good order and that safety equipment is in place
  • Maintaining communal facilities

How often do they happen?

These usually happen on the last weekend of every month (excluding bank holidays). However, there are always things to be done between work parties and members can simply pop down and help at any time.

Is it fun?

Very much so! And not just for the comradery and sense of achievement. There’s lunch provided, plenty of tea, and some exceptional home-baked treats. We usually finish with a bonfire and a couple of drinks as well.

If I can’t get involved, is there something else I can help with?

Yes. We recognise that not everyone can contribute in this way and we also know that it takes an awful lot of different skills to run a community boat club. We support and welcome members to get involved in whatever way they can.

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