Our Community

What’s it like mooring at Rotherham and Sheffield Canal Association?

The association is a special place – a not-for-profit organisation with a welcoming and friendly membership.

How does it work?

The Association leases land at Ickles Lock from the Canal and River Trust. We then let out mooring space to our members at the lowest sustainable cost.

Every member has a say in what we do and how we do it. We gather each month, usually after a work party, where information is shared, committee members give updates, and any decisions are agreed and voted on.

This system provides a lot of freedom and lets you focus on having fun boating. There’s no need to deal with CRT directly or chase a landlord for anything. If you see an opportunity to improve things, all you need to do is suggest it!

We also don’t tie members down in long-term financial commitments.

Want more information? Why not take a look at our constitution:
Rotherham and Sheffield Canal Association Constitution

How many boats are there?

We can accommodate about 12 boats (depending on length). This is just the right number to have a close-knit and supportive community, which continues to develop our moorings and facilities.

Our moorings are in-line and off-side with no difficult-to-access finger pontoons. This means everyone gets a comfortable amount of space and nothing feels cramped.

We don’t do double-mooring or increase the number of boats during the winter months, so there’s also plenty of privacy.

How do things get done?

Everyone gets involved. This is the only way we can keep our moorings as cheap as possible and enjoy this wonderful space.

We hold monthly work parties where most of our work is done, but there are always things to be done in-between times and other ways that members support the Association.

Whatever we do, we try to have fun along the way. Whether that’s at our social events, boating trips, or informal get-togethers.

Mooring repairs

Are you pet and child friendly?


There’s plenty of space away from the water’s edge for play and exercise and we are used to boat owners having canine companions. We’ve also had boating cats and the odd pet rat in the past too!

Dogs playing at Rotherham and Sheffield Canal Association

Want to find our more?

There’s lots of information on our site about our moorings, including how much the fees are and details on the amenities available to boaters. Use the links below to find out more…


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